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About Just One Trip

It’s never been easier to try an alternative way of getting around. Just One Trip from King County Metro helps people reduce drive-alone trips and discover convenient alternatives – like buses, trains, bikes, vanpools, carpools and walking routes.

Getting around without driving alone – whether you’re sharing the ride, walking or biking – reduces traffic, helps sustain our beautiful environment and creates connections to others in the community. Check out the videos below to find out even more benefits!

For more information on the Just One Trip program, please view our most recent project reports: North Eastside Mobility Project 2020, 2015-2019 Final Report.

Just One Trip Hidden Benefits

Other benefits to Just One Trip include getting in a workout on the way to the grocery store, finding your vanpool karaoke squad, meeting your match on the bus, and catching some extra Zzzz in your carpool.
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