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With Just One Trip, you can turn your commute into a chance to de-stress and recharge. Try one of these bus routes downtown and claim your well-deserved me time. Plus, we’ll send you a $25 reward just for trying – get started here!

  • Route 21 - Resource

    Route 21

    Route 21 will get you to work. It runs from Westwood Village to downtown Seattle, passing food and fun at West Seattle Stadium, West Seattle Golf Course, Camp Long and Alaska Junction. It also connects with the C Line for frequent service to downtown and South Lake Union.

    Route Map
  • Route 56 - Resource

    Route 56

    The 56 runs along Alki, through Admiral and into downtown Seattle during the peak hours. Need more options for your commute? Look no further than the 57 for trips from Alaska Junction, Genesee Hill and Admiral into downtown.

    Route Map
  • Route 120 - Resource

    Route 120

    Highline & Delridge residents, this route is for you. The 120 runs through West Seattle into downtown, and with buses arriving every 9 minutes during peak hours, it's never been easier to get to where you need to go. Plus, did you know Route 120 is going to be the next RapidRide? The new H line is coming in 2020 - read more here!

    Route Map
  • Route 121 - Resource

    Route 121

    The 121 has you covered from Highline College to Burien, all the way to downtown Seattle. Plus, routes 122 and 123 offer even more options during the busiest commute times.

    Route Map