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Visit our Resources page for links to helpful how-tos, tools to plan and track you trips, construction updates for major regional projects (including park & ride information), and more.


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Visit our Resources page for links to help you plan and track you trips, find rideshare partners, learn about major regional projects, and more.


On-Demand Transit Connections

Flexible service to local transit hubs

Metro is piloting programs to connect riders with frequent transit service. Pay, or transfer, with your ORCA card.

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Park & Rides

Drive or share the ride to transit options near you.

  • Find a Park & Ride near you.
  • Apply for a free carpool or paid solo driver parking permit and save yourself a spot at Metro’s busiest Park & Ride lots.
  • Connect to local park & ride lots using Metro’s vanshare program.

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Go Redmond Rewards

Log Trips to Earn Rewards

  • If you live or work in Redmond, you can earn a number of incentives from Go Redmond like vanpool fare subsidies, a free monthly ORCA card, and your choice of rewards in our monthly drawings.
  • Search for a carpool or vanpool using our Go Redmond Ridematching feature, which gives you results based on your home location and work time.
  • Get tips on biking – like how to mount your bike on the bus, ride safely with traffic, or join us for our annual Bike Bash on Bike To Work Day or adult cycling classes.
  • Check out the new Redmond Transportation Champions program! Find out more here.


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South King County Transportation Options

Log Trips, Find a Ride Match, Get Rewarded!

  • If you live or work in Tukwila, Renton, SeaTac, Kent, Burien, or Federal Way you can earn transportation rewards! Log your non-drive alone trips on Rideshare Online to qualify.
  • Rideshare Online is also your resource to find ride matches for a carpool or vanpool.
  • Check out South King County Transportation Options for regional transportation resources and rewards!


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Issaquah Salmon Friendly Trips

Find A Ridematch & Track Your Stats!

  • Salmon Friendly Trips is Issaquah residents’ portal to regional ridematching and incentives.
  • Find a carpool or vanpool partner with the “Ride Match” tab in your Salmon Friendly Trips (RideshareOnline.com) account.
  • Log your trips to earn local and regional rewards and watch your savings stack up!

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Choose Your Way Bellevue

A variety of options for Bellevue workers, residents and worksites

  • Choose Your Way Bellevue provides information and encouragement for drive-alone alternatives for Bellevue commuters and residents.
  • Find a carpool or vanpool partner with the “Ride Match” tab in your Choose Your Way Bellevue (RideshareOnline.com) account.
  • Submit your commute story and you could be eligible to be chosen as the Commuter of the Month.
  • Log your non-drive-alone travel each month in your Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards calendar and you could be eligible for local and regional rewards.

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  • For Businesses: Choose Your Way Bellevue has resources, financial support, starter ORCA cards and guidance to start or enhance a commute program at your worksite.

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Kirkland Green Trip

Log Trips to Earn Rewards

  • KGT offers rewards to Kirkland workers and residents for reducing your drive-alone trips and trying alternative modes of travel.
  • Log at least eight days of non-drive-alone travel in your Kirkland Green Trip calendar and you could be eligible for one of 25 $25 REI rewards each month.
  • Submit your commute story through your KGT account and you could be featured as the Green Commuter of the Month and earn a $50 REI reward.

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