Whether you’re in Shoreline, Skyway, West Seattle, White Center or somewhere in between, Just One Trip is here to help you stay informed and find ways to get around. Find out more about the upcoming projects and travel resources in your area below!

Seattle Squeeze

The Seattle Squeeze represents five years of ongoing construction and changes in downtown Seattle that will change how we travel through the city.

From now until 2024, downtown Seattle will experience massive construction and redevelopment. Changes include SR 99 tunnel tolling, along with the hundreds of construction projects currently underway or slated for development. Click here to learn how to navigate the impacts and stay informed.

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Commute Trip Planning

King County Metro has commute trip planners and resources available to help you find new bus routes, parking options, or carpool and vanpool opportunities.

Receive a customized trip plan with transit and/or alternative trip planning suggestions from the Just One Trip team! Simply fill out the commute inquiry form here, or call King County Customer Service for assistance at 206-553-3000.

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Sharing the ride to work, school and for community trips is a smart and efficient transportation choice. King County Metro has the programs, products, and tools to keep you moving.

Whether you carpool or vanpool, you can save time, utilize HOV lanes, and best of all, keep money in your wallet. Find out the information you need to share the ride.

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On-Demand Transit Connections

Metro is piloting transportation projects to improve customers’ access to transit hubs, connect riders to buses or light rail, and alleviate overcrowded park & rides.

Via to Transit connects people to and from Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, Rainier Beach or Tukwila International Boulevard Link light rail stations. Residents in Southeast Seattle and Tukwila can use the Via app or make a phone call to hail a ride to and from the five Link light rail stations where they can board a bus or a Link light rail train.

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Sound Transit Projects

Stay informed on Sound Transit projects that will impact the way you travel.

Sound Transit services include the Link light rail, Sounder train, and Sound Transit Express buses. Enjoy the ride on all three by staying up-to-date on service alerts, system expansion phases, and available parking options.

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Waterfront Seattle

The City of Seattle is transforming Seattle’s Central Waterfront. As the new waterfront begins to take shape, several phased construction projects will impact travel in the area.

From now until 2024, Seattle’s Central Waterfront is going to be a busy place, with multiple construction projects underway. Click here to plan ahead by staying up to date on street closures, construction activity, and general project information.

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