Choose Your Way Bellevue

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A variety of options for Bellevue workers, residents and worksites

  • Choose Your Way Bellevue provides information and encouragement for drive-alone alternatives for Bellevue commuters and residents.
  • Find a carpool or vanpool partner with the “Ride Match” tab in your Choose Your Way Bellevue (RideshareOnline.com) account.
  • Submit your commute story and you could be eligible to be chosen as the Commuter of the Month.
  • Log your non-drive-alone travel each month in your Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards calendar and you could be eligible for local and regional rewards.

Get Started

  • For Businesses: Choose Your Way Bellevue has resources, financial support, starter ORCA cards and guidance to start or enhance a commute program at your worksite.

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